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        Horseback Riding
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Horseback Riding around the Pondoņa Trai

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horse RideS

  For Transportation by Bus. Click Here For Instructions
  For Transportation Prices. Click Here.
  Taxes included.  Suggested 10% gratuity not included. 
  Insurance not Included.


3 Riders or More

2 Riders

1 Rider





1 hour

$ 10 p.p.

$ 12.50 p.p

$ 20 p.p

2 hour

$ 20 p.p

$ 25 p.p

$ 40 p.p.

3-4  hour

$ 25 p.p

$ 30 p.p.

$ 50 p.p

4-5 hour

$ 40 p.p

$ 45 p.p.

$ 60 p.p.



horse RideS (all inclusive)

Includes: Round Trip from Quito, park entrance fees, stop at Mitad del Mundo or Intiņan museum (tickets not included), lunch, use of jacuzzi, bicylces, ping pong table, darts, table games, binoculars, and a solar and wind energy projects tour.  Taxes included.  Suggested 10% gratuity not included.  Insurance not Included.


4+ Riders

3 Riders

2 Riders

1 Rider

3-4  hour

$ 60 p.p.

$ 65 p.p

$ 70 p.p.

$ 120 p.p



Paola & Lucero


1 hour Crater Short Ride

A good ride to experience the beauty and variety of the agricultural side of the crater. Recommended for 1st time riders.
    $10 p.p. for 3 or more riders
$12.50 p.p. for 2 riders
$20 for 1 rider


2 Hours crater CIRCLE

It includes a ride around to the central lava
dome.  This ride takes you through some narrow paths so it is not recommended for beginners.

      $20 p.p. for 3 or more riders
$25 p.p. for 2 riders
$40 for 1 rider

Mountain Climbing by Horse


This ride circles the Pondoņa hill and takes you through very different terrain as you drop in altitude to visit a natural spring with volcanic gas activity.   Not recommended for beginners. Allow 3 to 4 hours.

$25 p.p. for 3 or more riders
$ 30 p.p. for 2 riders
$50 for 1 riders


4 hour infiernillo

This ride goes west outside of the crater past the small community of Niebli and into the Infiernillo area where you can see the old calcium kilns.  It includes a small lunch by the edge or Rio Blanco   Not recommended for beginners. Allow 4 to 5 hours.

$40 p.p. for 3 or more riders
$ 45 p.p. for 2 riders
$60 for 1 riders


What to Bring

Your own travel insurance.

Usually we have sunny days up to 27 C and cloudy afternoons that can get as cold as 8 C.  You will need light clothes for the morning and a pullover or a jacket for the afternoon.  Please bring warm clothes for overnight stay.

It is best to have as much of your body covered to protect you from insects, sun, brush and thorns, therefore bring long-sleeved shirts.  A hat, sun screen, insect repellent, and sun glasses are also recommended. 

Rain gear is a must, especially if you are coming during winter (November through June) or during the days of early moon phase.

Don’t forget your swimming suit so you can join us in the jacuzzi

We will provide you with rubber boots for some short rides, but we recommend that you bring your own equipment (boots or chaps, gloves, helmet) for longer rides. 

For multiple day rides bring warm clothes for bed time, a towel, bathing suit, a small flashlight, a thermos or a water bottle, and any special medication you might need.

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