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Please note that our farming activities continue diminishing since we cannot find local people to help with the farming activities. 

Organic Coffee from Ecuador

Our organic coffee is picked from the mountains around the Pululahua Crater by the local people.  This coffee has not been planted and therefore it grows naturally underneath the cloud forest canopy in the altitude range of 1800 to 1600 m.  It appears that this coffee of the Arabica type was introduced by the Spanish to old farms nearby and the birds spread the seeds across the cloud forest.    This wild coffee has a great flavor, rich aroma, and excellent body. 

                         Organic Coffee Pululahua Ecuador   Dried Coffee Pululahua Ecuador  

Our roasting procedure is simple and inexpensive so we can bring a great organic coffee at a reduced price.  We have four types of roast: Light, Medium, Espresso, and a special blend (Pululahua) that balances the flavor, aroma, aftertaste, and body.

Price per pound of espresso beans $ 7.00
1/2 pound $ 4.00

Your purchase allows us to generate employment for people that otherwise would migrate to the city in search of a better life.  Almost always the only thing they find in the city is poverty, crime, and drugs.  Please help us!!

Organic Pork from Ecuador

Our small organic pig farm is a source of great joy and work.  We usually have between ten to twenty pigs.  These animals eat great quantities of alfalfa, corn, squash, and most of our restaurant leftover organic food.

From time to time we have to sacrifice our animals and we make sure that all of its bounty is used.  We save the best trimmings to sell or feed our clients.

Organic Pork Loins at $3.50 per pound.
Organic Pork Ribs at $2.50 per pound.
Other Pork Meat $2.00 per pound.

Organic Ginnea Pigs from Ecuador

Our Guinea Pigs eat only the best alfalfa produced in our hacienda.  These cute animals are also sold or prepared when requested by our clients.

Live Guinea Pigs from $5 each.
Frozen Guinea Pigs from $7 each.

Organic Eggs from Ecuador

Our beautiful hens eat our cracked corn and also get a fresh alfalfa salad daily.  These generous little friends produce our our delicious eggs served with our breakfast and cakes.

Sometimes we sell our eggs for $0.25 each.

Organic Chicken from Ecuador

We also have some organic chicken which is fed along with our beautiful hens.  Every three months we restock these birds to always have some fresh chicken at our table or for sale.

Live organic large chicken $12 each
Frozen organic large chicken $15 each


Organic Stuff

At this time we are still in the learning process by experimenting to find our what products grow best in our environment.  

Since there is a significant cost to obtain organic certifications, and our organic business is very small, we are currently unable to afford the organic certification.


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