Bellavista Cloud Forest

At 1600 to 2250 MASL (5250 to 7200 ft) is a medium to high altitude private reserve located on the old Eco-Route road between Quito and Mindo.  It has grown from 50 hectares in 1991 to its current 700 hectares (1729 acres).  This private reserve has become a certified Ecolodge immersed in the cloud forest where you could see exotic birds fly around your room.  It has up to 20 trails and one could easily spend many days birding in this choice location.

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If the weather permits we will spend all day on the trails of this safe private reserve looking for those high altitude neotropical birds.  Click here to see the list of the most common birds we can see in Bellavista.


BIRDS Of Bellavista


Masked Trogon Female

Masked Trogon


Blue-Winged Mountain Tanager

Masked Trogon Female

Masked Trogon

Grass-green Tanager


Buff-tailed Coronet



Russet-crowned Warbler

Buff-tailed Coronet

Plate-billed Mountain Toucan

Barred Fruiteater


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