Sachatamia Rain Forest Reserve & Lodge

At 1700 to 1500 MASL (5576-4920 ft) is a medium altitude private cloud forest located just before the Mindo road entrance.  It has 120 hectares (296 acres) of primary and secondary recovering cloud forest.  There is a only one main trail that leads across a river and then an uphill climb to the primary forest area.  The lodge has many hummingbird feeders with an amazing variety of visitors.  There are also fruit feeders that are restocked daily and visited regularly.   The lodge is rustic and elegant and provides very comfortable rooms and private cabaņas.  The gourmet cuisine and the indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi make this a very comfortable and popular place.

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BIRDS of Sachatamia



Green-crowned Brillant-Female


Booted Racket-tail

Booted Racket-tail Female

 Brillant Female

Fawn-breasted Brilliant





Green-crowened Woodnymph

Velvet-purple Coronet




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